What can I post on Collective?

We do not allow explicit content on Collective. This helps us maintain a safe and respectful community for people from a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Learn more

Sensitive Content

Collective may show a warning over this type of content and it won’t be recommended to other people or appear in the Discover tab. This includes:

Forbidden Content

This type of content isn’t allowed on Collective and will be removed:

People who repeatedly post sensitive or forbidden content may have their accounts suspended. We use a combination of manual reviewers and automatic scanning to enforce the above guidelines. It may take several days for sensitive or explicit content to be detected.

Why we don’t allow explicit content

Collective’s mission is to create an inclusive space for people to connect through art and creativity. We don’t allow explicit content because we believe the risks associated outweigh the potential benefits. It can create an unsafe or uncomfortable atmosphere for some people, particularly those who are younger or come from cultural backgrounds where such content is not considered appropriate.

There are many other reasons why we don’t allow this type of content:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback on this policy.