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“i like to pretend i already died and asked god to send me back to earth so i can swim in lakes again and see mountains and get my heart broken and love my friends and cry so hard in the bathroom and go grocery shopping 1,000 more times and that i promised i would never forget the miracle of being here.”
i have more followers here than on insta, lol, ily 🫶🏼
i was talking to my straight guy friend the other day, i was talking about how grindr is toxic and sucks and how hinge is too 'dates' vibes but i want meaningful sex, and he was like if you want something meaningful even just from sex, you're going to have to date a little bit, which sort of checked me a bit and also made me think huh he has a point (BUT i literally do not want to date anyone for a whiiiile it's so draining, but don't want meaningless hookups...i hate it here)
Dating a billionaire ✅
Growing up bisexual with a family full of Christians and no LGBTQ+ friends was exhausting. Never had much chance of fully expressing myself until my late teens and even then I’ve never felt like I could truly express myself or ever fit in. But I’m truly grateful for an app like this.
Hi collective, are there any gamers here? I’m writing my master thesis on avatar creation tools and inclusivity of lgbtqia+ bodies in virtual as spaces, it would be so nice to have real inputs from within the community about experiences with these tools and if you feel like you are perfectly able to express your identity with the options you are offered, send me a dm or just comment! I’d greatly appreciate it! 🌸
Reminder that I love you all
Job hunting is emotionally draining
Happy holidays Collective fam! It means the world to me that you’re all here. Love u 🫶🏻
If this app becomes mainstream can we have actual shadowbanning but it’s literally just me selecting who to target
You guys… I just completed my master’s in architecture…
Everyone on this app is GORGEOUS and so creatively talented 🫶
Sade is the current soundtrack to my life, and i see no way back. in just a couple of days i have discovered one of my favorite artists maybe ever, up there with my number 1s (to add, my parents are OG fans, they heard her playing when i was showering and they said yeah we remember her, they like her, they're cool).

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