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Idk why but this piece makes me so happy…
Do we agree on the fact that Florence is the unseelie queen?
My grandma as Queen of the elderly in my town’s Carnival 🎭🎉 (She was the Town’s Queen when she was 18) 💖✨✨✨✨✨
Like if Jesus came back, but in a beautiful dress And all the evangelicals were like, "Oh, yes"
It’s only febrero but I know “regret me” will be top 5 on my Spotify wrapped lol
🐶🐾 her government name is Pepita (Pumpkin seed) but we all call her Peluda (Hairy)… cause she’s hairy lol
I spoiled myself, I know there's a sapphic vaginal fisting scene in the book I'm reading, and every time I turn the page I'm like "goddess, is this the paragraph??? is this the moment? 👀"
Babes, new year new me I need to go back into reading… drop your books recommendations please! 💖✨✨✨🫧🫧
I have a suspicion, a terrible suspicion... that Chillis ( the mom from Bluey) and me. We are kind of contemporaries :/
Realising none of my conversations pass the Betchel test cause, well… I’m a man™️
The gay experience is interesting cause… I just want to fuck him? I want to be him??? Like, what’s going on? I adore him
My innocent sweet straight girl best friend… always talks about the men’s hands like “oh his hands..” like that’s the first thing she notices, and I’m like “babe, you have a fetish…”and like a revelation descended from heaven for her. And I’m like “that’s ok, lots of straight people have fetishes… isn’t a dirty word, unless you want it to be”
“Oops! You missed a match!” Bitch I know.... I have been swiping left by the past 34 min 🫥🥴🙄😩
Yay. What better way to start new year that breaking my pinky toe. 🫥🫥🫥😩😩😩🥴🥴🥴
Anyone else here over the age of 29 with no idea of what to do with their lives or am I the only one? 🫥😩😬🥴 family gatherings like always getting the worst out of me,
He’s so damn fine… I can’t 😩
There’s this man, ripped.. muscular.. tall man who works out shirtless and in short shorts in the park in front of my house …and I die a little bit every time. And today he caught me looking 🫥🫥🫥🫥😩😩😩😩😩 dios, jamás había querido tanto que me tragara la tierra JAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJ
My favourite Florence era 💙
Impressionable people like me shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies with strong characters cause I was there thinking “what if I smoke again?I want to be french and cool like that” lolllll
At age 13 I chose Audrey Hepburn as my It Girl/Actress from the Classical Hollywood age… and I’ve never regretted it ✨💖 she was IT.
Call me nostalgic but I kind of miss being 20 something and being picked up and driven to a motel by someone’s father. 🫥🤤🥴😩
Sensitive Content
Burnt, hanged, drowned. Like our mothers and their mothers, stoned in the streets. Because Jesus Christ saved the whore but never the witch.

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