Gay friends and dates

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Matthew @matthew
overpromise and under-deliver

I’m in Rio for carnival in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I’m on a queer artist hype… no straight art in my flat
I’ve also decided to be an exhibitionist for 2022. All guests at my flat get to see my dick on the wall now. @fewix
I bought a ticket for Primavera with a group of friends pre-Covid… two years later, I now no longer speak to these friends… AND all the other people I know are going 2nd weekend… fml I was so excited for this in 2019
I need a frend that will stay in with me and take tasteful nudes. We can also make bad art, and if possible please can you teach me to speak Spanish with an argentine accent?
It was my birthday at the weekend, I have been hungover since ✌️😚
Did you guys know I’m also a PonyBoy©️
I don’t want a boyfriend.. I want an executive assistant and a creative director.
Cursed islands have very quiet beaches
I have come to the sudden and devastating realisation that although my mullet makes me feel cool and cute.. She is not making me feel submissive and breedable. She has been asked to leave.
When the hangover leaves, so will I. That’s the rules if I stay over, sorry if you had stuff to do.
I just bought a bike, you just wait, this ass is going to be huge and lycra clad
I took a video of myself undressing for an art reference. And now I just want to start an OF of me awkwardly taking my clothes off while looking directly at the camera.
New flat, new opportunity to build excessive amounts of bespoke furniture for a property I dont own 🤩
They’re for sports..
Yes, I did just spend £300 on underwear. Yes, I was totally drawn in by queer coded marketing. And yes, I am a marketer’s dream shmuck. Catch me jogging around Hackney in my TINY lil shorts tho.
If you want to be 100% sure I’m going to look at a post, you need to put a ‘sensitive content’ filter over it.
Hole pic?
Boats ‘N Hoes Can you guess who is the boat and who is the hoe?
Sarah Lucas Pauline Bunny 1997

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