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Milly @milly
nft sadposting. collective famous

Someone I’ve been friends with for 23 years is having a baby soon. I can’t believe we got to grow up together and now I get to see her baby grow up as well?!??? What a privilege!
The fuck is gingerbread in this context ????
Someone needs to make some kind of law surrounding doctors waiting room decor. I’m already anxious why am I sat on a wobbly chair with 80s music playing on the worst quality speaker I’ve ever heard and babies crying echoing off the concrete floor and the art is ugly as fuck and brightly coloured in a bad way. I’m now more sick.
This is the cake my friend decorated for my birthday btw
I for real so not understand coachella, like everyone sharing these outrageous fits then every time they’re posting videos at a stage the crowd has zero vibes. The influencers are NOT selling it
When I was like 11 I got in trouble for drawing hot goth girls at school (they were satanic apparently)
She gets me fr
Fidget toy drip
You WISH you were on my level of pure unadulterated swag
Bought myself some new T-shirt’s :)
Toe toms 🇺🇸💯✨💥🫶🏻
Rocking up to the office in the toe oxfords 💯💥🔥🔥
There’s a character in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy who has his house set up to look like it’s outside when you’re indoors and he tells everyone that he lives outside of the asylum and that everyone else is in the asylum because he’s the only sane one. I think about him a lot lmao
Mulder AND Scully, you know what I mean ? AHh ! Right ? Like you get me? They’re just AAAAA ‼️
I feel like I possibly have the most fuck ugly account on here. I’m too deeply dedicated to shit posting. I’m sorry.
Right ? You know what I mean ?
You ever think about how people would know if it wasn’t you sending a message ? Like your typing quirks ?
Also lmk good books (preferably sci fi. Also if they have a heavy romance plot or sex scenes I’ll personally come and kill you because I do not want to have anything to do with any of that) :)
Also I found some of Dad’s sci fi and horror books from the 70s & 80s. I miss old book covers so much
Documenting books I read but I have this thing where I’ll read a full book in like 3 hours once a year and then not have the attention span to read again
Wait, 2013 me kinda ate
Me when I want a dog

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