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Daniel Boris @mrboris
1991 ~ some pics with steamy lens ~ ig: @danielboris_

got covid, and it’s gonna be beach weather this weekend 🥲 send memes n ice cream
next winter sad bop we all needed absolutely stuck in this album
love some abstract paintings 🤧
Wasn’t expecting to see discret (facelezzz/sunglazzez always) profiles here 🥴 guess it’s part of being inclusive, r? lmfao
Not me being sad and pathetic over a man
sorry, Piaf padam’ed better
sucking on my caipirinha popsicle at Porto’s ‘late’ pride day
me, more than a minute listening to straight relationships drama
trying to be cute ‘n dumb after training, and turning out just dumb 🥹
heat wave
Still can’t believe I’ve got the chance to witness Annie (St Vincent) live and super close.. absolutely fire performance
serving walrus moustache
new phoenix album making me miss my indie rock era
when “how is the phd going?” pops up in a convo
sunrise at s vicente
Porto springing already✨
im chill but low-key yumeko jabami when playing board games
brazilians can’t leave a mirror alone
we were all accomplices later at night • praia da tocha, portugal 2019
pumpkin spiced
“There was an old man playing flute upon the rocks” • Calanque, France • oct 22
Last-ditch effort to have summer in fall
still my fav Hayao Miyazaki movie
Sudan Archives new album is so 🔥🔥🔥
top 3 brazilian expressions
Yeap, ‘Summer Renaissance’ is STILL the best track
It’s NOT OKAY the fact that summer seems to be ending earlier around here :c
Ahoy 🏴‍☠️
gay no seu habitat natural: anywhere with good lighting
Tell me you’re a brazilian living in EU without words
first attempt at painting
Piscina das Marés, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

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